Breakin’ w/Nachos

This group break participation was brought to you by the letter “N”, and some good people over at Nachos Grande:


For $18.50, you got two teams (one picked, one random) out of boxes of 2003 Topps 205, 2002 Topps Reserve, 2000 Topps Gallery, and 2000 Fleer Showcase.

It was a great break. Good pace, good posts about what was busted and what you could expect. I picked The M’s, and was randomed The Devil Rays (I still refuse to switch to the now PC “Rays” moniker, much like I refused to drop the “Super” off my once loved SuperSonics). I didn’t get any A-Rod hits to trade to his followers, or any hits to speak of, but that’s ok. These were my favorite 2 cards pulled:


Great looking cards, both from the Showcase box. How could you not like EDDDDDDDDDDDDD-GARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and our boy Olerud? Edgar has reached legend status, got a road named after him next to the ballpark, and can still be seen around these parts hacking his new mezcal.

Olerud? Hometown boy, skipped the Minors, great player, and a trademark piece of gear (although worn not for fashion, but his trademark nonetheless). You could hear fans rejoice in the streets as he headed home after being with The Jays and The Mets.

Good deal, Nachos Grande. I shall return to the hallowed halls of his breaks soon enough. Any DEVIL Rays fans, I have a few for ya…

Pack Wars

Saturday was the monthly Pack Wars at our local card shop. Me and my daughter went for our first time last month, had a good time, so a return trip was in order. The guys who own and/or run the joint are very cool, and they have a great shop going. I’m not sure if “Pack Wars” is a industry-wide deal, but I’ve only seen reference to it one other time out East. This is how it goes down: Show up at closing time, purchase tickets for $1 apiece. These will be used as money for Pack Wars. I, of course, spent way too much. Everyone files in, a good mix of parents/kids, and a good range of collectors flying solo. Everyone bellies up to the counter, grabs their complimentary card box, and waits to begin. The first round is free. Everyone in attendance gets a pack of cards. This time it was 2011 Topps Opening Day. We all open, and the guys running this event call out what we’re looking for. It’s always something like “closest card number to 40 without going over”, or “highest career RBI”, or “tallest player”. You get the idea. Everyone starts yelling out what they have, a winner is found, and they usually score a jersey card of some sort, and you get to keep your cards. You also get a raffle ticket good for a drawing of stuff after the event. Next they start calling out what packs are being ripped for the next round, how much they normally cost, and what they are going for tonight. For example, “a pack of XYZ cards, normally $5, tonight is 3 tickets, limit 2 packs per person”. There is a flurry of tickets being exchanged for card packs, we all open, we all check out any hits someone might have pulled, the shop folks tell us what is hot from that set, etc. Then we find out what we’re looking for, and this is repeated all night. Older cards, all sports represented, old junk wax stuff, etc. Here’s some of what I pulled this time:


The Jake Locker auto was my hottest pull, especially being here near Seattle. A cool Michael Choice auto, too. The relic cards are the prizes from the rounds I won.

Interspersed throughout the night, they also do some trivia rounds. They ask a question, you yell out the answer, and if you get it, you pick out of a box of vintage cards. You have to guess the high book value of the card, and if you get within 20%, you get the card. It’s pretty insane seeing some of the stuff that comes out to win. Kids are usually given a ton of help, and some of them walk with INSANE cards for their collection. Totally cool concept. This night, being a life-long Steeler fan, I jumped on the question “what city has 3 pro teams all wearing the same colors?”. Hell yes, I nailed it in record time. The bad part? I know shit about card values, ESPECIALLY vintage card values. Here is what I pulled from the box to guess:


1959 Topps #543, Corsair Outfield Trio card

Cool that I pulled a Pirates card for answering the Pittsburgh question. They offered me some tickets to the end drawing if I didn’t try to guess, but if I’m going down, I’ll go down good. I just blurted out “buck and a quarter…hundred and twenty-five”. Damned if he didn’t turn the card over in front of me to show me the numbers on the back of the top-loader:


Nailed it. It’s now in my grubby paws, and in my small but growing vintage collection.

About 2 hours later, they do a ton of drawings. Some stuff is tongue in cheek, some stuff is crazed. They gave away a cool Yogi Berra autographed pic this time. Every kid in attendance gets something, and usually every kid walks away loaded with free card binders, etc. People mingle afterward to trade, and the owners throw down some pretty sweet discounts on boxes/packs. Kids also get the stuff some older cats didn’t want (we gave all our old junk wax football cards to one kid who was stoked, and I gave all my Red Sox cards to his pal). It’s a cool thing where you can open stuff you probably wouldn’t open on your own. I’ll be headed back again in a month

Standing Ovation for The Dimwit

Recently participated in a group case break with The Daily Dimwit on a case of 2006 Ovation. Of course I picked The M’s, and was randomed The Royals. These cards look great, and as always mentioned, the textured raised surface is fantastic looking. As a bonus, almost everyone got an entire base set (84 cards) of Ovation, as well as any inserts or hits of their teams, and even a few dupes. These cards look great in a binder:


The inserts looked really good, too. A Superstar Theater of Ichiro, a Center Stage of King Felix, and a /999 Rookie for Jeff Harris. I got some Royals stuff, too, including a DeJesus Auto.


Very cool break, indeed.

Hank Aaron Auto; 2011 Heritage ROA-HA

Wow. It really came. I’ve never held anything autographed by a Hall Of Famer. Kinda crazed. It was like Ralphie opening his Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring package.


Regardless, if anyone knows how to slap a value on this, please let me know how to find out. Beckett says $300-$500, but what can I really expect to get for this (providing I actually let it go). I know the card shop needs to get a slice of the action for buying it to resell, and I don’t have much eBAY selling experience, so just kind of exploring options.

It’s really cool!

My Topps Giveaway Haul

I’m still rocking Series 2, so more giveaway code cards to come, but I’ve just read too many horror stories about Topps running out (how in the hell?) of a certain redemption, so they send some junky card to replace it. I cashed out all the cards I wanted (some just old, some just cool looking, some M’s cards, and 2 die-cuts). Here’s what $8.75 landed me so far:

1958-BB-TS1-293-NA Gene Freese 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1962-BB-TS1-327-NA Ozzie Virgil 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1963-BB-TS1-129-NA Gary Bell 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1965-BB-TS1-284-NA Nick Willhite 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1966-BB-TS1-271-NA Hal Lanier 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1968-BB-TS1-17-NA Dick Hall 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1970-BB-TS1-517-NA Joe Gibbon 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1976-BB-TS1-21-NA Dave LaRoche 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1980-BB-TS1-396-NA Dan Meyer 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
1993-BB-TS1-152-NA Rich DeLucia 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
2011-BB-DDC-DDC-10 Clayton Kershaw 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED
2011-BB-DDC-DDC-8- Hank Aaron 1 06/10/11 SHIPPED

I have some more still available to trade. The 88 Paul Molitor, 80 Chris √áhambliss, 76 Kent Tekulve, and ’75 card featuring 1955 MVP’s Yogi Berra and Campanella have garnered the most offers, but usually for stuff I’m not even remotely interested in.

I missed a few trades due to Topps buggy ass site: a DICK POLE M’s card for the Tekulve, and a BRABENDER card for the Chambliss!!!! I gotta start collecting juvenile humor named players soon…


Just opened up my box of 2011 Topps Series 2. Found some interesting stuff. Got 2 of these “Prime 9” redemption deals where you take them into a Topps Home Team Advantage Hobby store (HTA so says the back of it) during a certain week for a certain card, for certain. Not sure if my local shop is one of these HTA’s, and damned of Topps store locator page is busted (and why is every website ran by Topps kind of shitty and always buggy?).


Found a Silver Fox short print parallel, and the “hit” was a Brett Gardner game used jersey card. Some cool looking stuff was had, not a ton of doubles, so all in all, good to go. I’ll have a list going over in the sidebar soon for trades, so if you’re into that sorta thing, lemme know.