Breakin’ w/Nachos

This group break participation was brought to you by the letter “N”, and some good people over at Nachos Grande:


For $18.50, you got two teams (one picked, one random) out of boxes of 2003 Topps 205, 2002 Topps Reserve, 2000 Topps Gallery, and 2000 Fleer Showcase.

It was a great break. Good pace, good posts about what was busted and what you could expect. I picked The M’s, and was randomed The Devil Rays (I still refuse to switch to the now PC “Rays” moniker, much like I refused to drop the “Super” off my once loved SuperSonics). I didn’t get any A-Rod hits to trade to his followers, or any hits to speak of, but that’s ok. These were my favorite 2 cards pulled:


Great looking cards, both from the Showcase box. How could you not like EDDDDDDDDDDDDD-GARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and our boy Olerud? Edgar has reached legend status, got a road named after him next to the ballpark, and can still be seen around these parts hacking his new mezcal.

Olerud? Hometown boy, skipped the Minors, great player, and a trademark piece of gear (although worn not for fashion, but his trademark nonetheless). You could hear fans rejoice in the streets as he headed home after being with The Jays and The Mets.

Good deal, Nachos Grande. I shall return to the hallowed halls of his breaks soon enough. Any DEVIL Rays fans, I have a few for ya…

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